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Small Necklaces That Are Big On Style

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NEW YORK, NY -- You've seen them on Beverly Hills 90210. You've seen them on Melrose Place and Friends. No, we're not talking about single people living on the edge. We're talking about Y-necklaces, a jewelry trend that is getting a lot of media exposure.

The Y-necklace, usually 16-18 inches in length, gets its name from its shape. This necklace features its own delicate dangle forming a Y-shape around your neck. Part of the Y-necklace's allure is its modest design.

Many feminine fashions are occupying the runways this year and Y-necklaces lead the way with freshwater pearls on a toggle-style karat gold chain. Colored gemstones are increasing in popularity and many Y-necklaces showcase one or more vibrant stones such as amethyst, citrine, amber, and peridot. Some have a rosary design; other have an art-nouveau motif.

The trend started about three years ago and went from being a costume jewelry favorite to a fine jewelry sensation. In fact, many women feel their Y-necklaces are the "signature" piece in their jewelry wardrobes.

If you're interested in purchasing a Y-necklace a JA jeweler in your area can help. Look for the jewelry store with the gold "J" in the window, the mark of a professional jeweler, when you buy fine jewelry and shop with confidence. Or, use the search engine on this web site. You can search in one of several ways: state, area code, or zip code.

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