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A Simple Quiz to Finding the Right Jeweler

Eileen Farrell
Misha Glezin
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NEW YORK, NY -- You're in the market to buy fine jewelry but you're confused about where to shop. With so many options -- jewelry store chains, discount stores, homeshopping -- it's hard to know what the best choice is for service and selection.

Buying jewelry is fun, so relax and take this simple quiz to see how you can find a jeweler you can count on:

1. The jewelry store you're thinking of patronizing ...
a. has been a part of your community for decades.
b. has just opened up shop.
c. has been in business since last year and still has its grand opening sign up.

2. You've heard that the store ...
a. has a great reputation. Your friends and/or relatives give the store and its staff rave reviews.
b. offers an incredible discount on gold jewelry, as much as 60 percent off.
c. is on the Better Business Bureau's list of stores to avoid.

3. Your jeweler offers ...
a. special services such as jewelry cleaning, sizing, restringing or remounting of purchased jewelry and a wide selection.
b. sales people that "seem" to know "something" about fine jewelry.
c. nothing.

4. On the door of your local jeweler you see ...
a. a gold "J", the mark of a professional jeweler and the symbol of JA membership.
b. a sign that reads "no shirt, no shoes, no service."
c. an eviction notice.

5. When you ask about a refund, your jeweler ...
a. says the store has a cash refund or exchange policy should you decide to return your purchase in a reasonable period of time.
b. says that giving you a store credit is the best the store can do.
c. looks confused.

If you answered "A" to these questions, then you're on the right track to finding the right retail jeweler. The retail jeweler you want to buy from is a professional and offering service, a knowledgeable staff, a wide selection of fine jewelry, and a fair refund policy. Also keep in mind that a jewelry bargain that seems like a real steal is probably just that. The sales they're offering may be a misleading promotional gimmick. Shop around and compare price before falling for a "sale" of 50 percent or more.

For the JA jeweler nearest you, use the search engine on this web site. You can search in one of several ways: state, area code, or zip code.

You can order a free brochure series on buying fine jewelry by contacting: Jewelers of America, 1185 Ave. of the Americas, 30th Floor, New York, NY, 10036. Tel: (212) 768-8777 E-mail: jewelersam@aol.com

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