Horlacher Jewelers

Horlacher Jewelers
442 N. Franklin Ave.
Colby, KS 67701


Jewelers of America is the national association for the retail jeweler. Part of JA's mission is to provide consumers with information and education about fine jewelry. Look for the jewelry store with the gold "J" in the window, the mark of a professional jeweler, when you buy fine jewelry and shop with confidence.

Selecting the right retail jeweler

When you purchase a dazzling piece of fine jewelry, you're making an important decision. You've found the jewelry you've always wanted; now don't let yourself be dazzled into selecting a jeweler you may not be happy with later. Be logical, be thorough and don't be afraid to ask questions. As a consumer, you have a right to know.

A lasting relationship with your jeweler

The right jeweler should be one you can rely on for all your jewelry purchases, year after year. From gifts for loved ones to treasures for yourself, the jeweler with whom you do business should educate and inform you when you're making a purchase.

Your jeweler should be there to guide you in selecting fine jewelry of lasting quality and beauty, to enrich your life and the lives of those you love.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be successful in finding a jeweler who is reliable and features a wide selection of beautiful, distinctive jewelry for you to choose from.

How long has the store been in business?

Has the store just opened recently, or is it well established? Chances are, the longer the store has been involved in the community, the more solid it is.

What is the jeweler's reputation?

Asking friends, neighbors, or business associates about their personal experiences with various retailers can be an excellent way to select an outstanding jeweler. Just as importantly, this could help you avoid choosing the wrong jeweler.

If you are doubtful about a retailer, you might consider contacting your local Better Business Bureau, or Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any negative reports about them.

What services does the jewelry store offer?

Maintaining the fine jewelry you have purchased will be important to you as time passes. Ask if the jeweler is able to clean, size, engrave, restring, or remount jewelry.

What is the store's return policy?

Be sure to inquire about the time period for returning jewelry. Also ask whether you will be allowed an exchange or a cash refund, if this is of concern to you.

Does the store regularly feature discounts in excess of 50%?

Some stores continually discount prices as a means of attracting customers. Find out if the "discounted" jewelry was ever sold at the regular price and for how long. It is also wise to compare actual value from jeweler to jeweler, so you have a better sense of relative costs for items of similar quality.

Does the store offer a wide selection of jewelry?

As in any retail store where you enjoy shopping, selection is an important factor in your choice. Compare the selection a jewelry store has to offer, and determine if it reflects your taste and meets your needs.

What information can the store share with you?

Does the store provide you with information that will help you select and care for your fine jewelry? Booklets and brochures should be available to you to help guide you in your purchases and answer questions you may have.

Is the store a member of an association that promotes and
reinforces integrity and professionalism among jewelers?

If you see the gold "J" in the window, the mark of a professional jeweler, you can be sure the jeweler is a member of Jewelers of America (JA). Jewelers of America is the national association for the retail jeweler. JA promotes professionalism among its members.

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